Month: December 2010

Trends in Global Media

The shift between traditional advertising and digital advertising has caused massive changes in recent years. Add the recession that has caused tremendous turmoil around the world and global markets have switched positions in dominance. Starcom Media Vest produced a Global Media Intelligence report describing this paradigm shift. The report covers 6 major worldwide regions and […]

Working With A Mobile Marketing Company In Orlando

Mobile marketing has recently joined the esteemed ranks of social media marketing tools utilized to reach the masses. For those unfamiliar with this latest term, according to the November 2009 definition put forth by the Mobile Marketing Association, Mobile Marketing is: a set of practices that enables organizations to communicate and engage with their audience […]

Mobile Internet is the norm for College Students

Another indication that the Mobile market is growing rapidly is indicative in the behavior of college students. While most teens and children still use feature phones, college students predominantly use tablets, smartphones and mobile game consoles. 62.7% of U.S. undergraduates surveyed by the EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research had an internet capable mobile device. 45.9% […]