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In order to decrease black hat SEO(fake SEO) Google created Authorship through Google+ formerly known as Google Authorship.

Authorship tells Google who wrote and published original content on the internet.  Google recognizes the author as an expert in his field and rewards that expert by publishing his image on his search ads.

Publishing that image has drastically changed the face of SEO by making your ad display prominently on a SERP page.

Compare these statistics:


As you can see, the difference between the #1 and #2 SEO position is a 15% disparity.

Consider the fact that through authorship, an image is displayed on your ad and images gather more attention than standard boring ads.

As you can see from this image, my photo is prominently displayed on the SERP page and it stands out on the entire page:

Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 6.07.24 PM

Even Orlando Digital Marketing in the # 5 position stands out more than the remaining drab ads.

Which two ads on the SERP page do you think consumers will notice first regardless of the relative position?

Authorship has totally reinvented the percentages on the chart in figure 1 above.  The # 10 position will get more notice than # 5 in an authorship capacity.

As basic as this seems, it makes a world of difference in Click Thru Rates by making your ad stand out on a SERP page.  When consumers conduct a search, authorship ads will most likely get much more attention than an ad without authorship.

This makes authorship a significantly more effective way of making your content stand out amongst the competition.

Another advantage to authorship is the elimination of plagiarism. Once you are recognized as the original author of content, Google ensures that your content ranks higher than copied content.  Authorship also allows the original author to file a complaint/report with Google and have the copied content removed.

This is essentially a copyright on your content once you receive authorship recognition from Google.

Another advantage to authorship is the establishment of your name, your authority and your credibility as a real person and not a machine churning out random articles on an assembly line.

If you can connect with your target audience and establish a relationship as a real person, it gives you credibility and the ability to build a more powerful and meaningful network.

Stewart Bernard Productions, your local Orlando, FL based Digital Marketing Companybelieves strongly in original high quality content and Google Authorship markup.

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