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Do you know the difference between Inbound and Outbound Marketing?

Simply put: it is the difference between you going to customers vs customers coming to you.

Inbound Marketing is an interactive, two way conversation where the customer seeks you out whereas Outbound Marketing is a one way conversation where you seek out the customer.

Through Inbound Marketing, customers find sellers via search engines, social media, referrals and/or reviews.

With Outbound Marketing, customers are sought out by sellers through television, radio, cold calling, hard selling, banner ads, billboards and/or snail mail.

Inbound Marketing provides value to the customer because he gets exactly what he is looking for.  No bait and switch tactics are applied; no hard selling is necessary.  You have captured that customer’s interest by your search ad, your reputation, your social presence, your intellect and/or your reviews.

Inbound Marketing presents you with value because you have acquired a targeted customer who is looking for either you and/or what you are selling.  You have the opportunity to entertain and/or educate your potential customer on yourself, your goods and/or your services.

Outbound Marketing rarely presents you with value because you rarely acquire a customer who is really interested in you or what you are selling. With Outbound marketing, the seller is rarely interested in educating or entertaining his potential customer.  His only goal is the sale.

When I get cold calls, I collect all of the phone numbers from my “Recent Calls” list and blacklist every number.  I absolutely hate cold callers.  I am on the “Do Not Call List” and I still get cold callers.

If I need goods/services, I will look for them on a search engine(Inbound Marketing).  I do not need people calling me and/or harassing me at all hours.

Inbound Marketing is sometimes referred to as New Marketing which is based on earning people’s trust and interest instead of attempting to ram it down their throats.

Outbound Marketing is sometimes referred to as Old Marketing where the marketer forces products/services on customers.

With Inbound Marketing, you seek out the marketer.  With Outbound Marketing, the marketer seeks you out.

Stewart Bernard Productions, your local Orlando based Digital Marketing Company, is a strong proponent of Inbound Marketing and absolutely refuses to engage in Outbound Marketing.


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