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If you think Social Media Marketing is not important to your business, THINK AGAIN!

This year, Socialbakers performed a survey of social media analytics in 20 industries and across 82 countries and the results will astound you.

500 industry peers reported these results about Social Media.

86.6% felt that social media is very important to their business but only 31.2% paid for professional social analytic tools.

70% of businesses are not willing to pay for the analytics necessary to keep their companies socially competitive with their competitors.

You have to know what your competitors are doing socially in order to stay ahead of them and not lose your market share to them.

62% of businesses believe that acquiring customers through social marketing is a major goal in 2014 yet they still refuse to pay for the tools necessary to monitor this.  Not providing social customer support will probably end up in businesses losing those customers.

80% of businesses give Facebook the highest priority and surprisingly only 14% give Google+a higher priority in the social media spectrum.  23% of businesses give no priority to Google+.

These statistics support the fact that most businesses still consider Google a search engine and SEO platform only and give it no credence in the social realm.

The survey also indicated that social media was more diverse in direct proportion to the size of the company.

39% of CEO’s supported social media.

41% of businesses published their content directly on the social media platforms(Facebook,Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  They did not use scheduling or publishing tools such as Hootsuite.  This indicates that only one person or department was involved in the majority of their social media publishing.  This leaves no room for social team building, organized efforts between departments, no quality assurance, no publishing tools or managed approval of content.

Stewart Bernard Productions, your local Orlando, FL based Social Media Marketing Company, believes strongly in Social Media for business and in using Social Media to monitor your business’ key performance indicators(KPI).


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