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Proximity Marketing

By Stewart Bernard The TOP GUN of Digital Marketing Have you ever heard of Proximity Marketing? How about Geotargeting?  How about Geofencing?   How about IBeacon? These are all technology advancements in mobile marketing that attempt to contact targeted customers via location. Proximity Marketing is simply marketing based on proximity.  As we become more intelligent […]

Inbound Vs Outbound Marketing

By Stewart Bernard The TOP GUN of Digital Marketing Do you know the difference between Inbound and Outbound Marketing? Simply put: it is the difference between you going to customers vs customers coming to you. Inbound Marketing is an interactive, two way conversation where the customer seeks you out whereas Outbound Marketing is a one […]

USO Central Florida

By Stewart Bernard The TOP GUN of Digital Marketing Today, I want to talk about a subject near and dear to my heart: USO Central Florida I am the Digital Marketing Director for USO Central Florida and through this relationship, I have had the pleasure of working with great people with an even greater mission. […]

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

United Airlines Pilot Wings Naval Aviator Wings By Stewart Bernard The TOP GUN of Digital Marketing Like the Nelson Mandela blog post I wrote a few months back, today’s blog post will be a little different from the norm.  Rather than discuss a Digital Marketing topic, I feel I am even more qualified to discuss […]

Mobile Ad Market Skyrocketed in 2013

By Stewart Bernard The TOP GUN of Digital Marketing If you still do not believe that mobile is the place to be after watching the video above, you should go back into your cave. Mobile has not only taken over our lives from a personal standpoint, it is now dominating on the business scene. In […]

Social Marketing 2014

By Stewart Bernard The TOP GUN of Digital Marketing If you think Social Media Marketing is not important to your business, THINK AGAIN! This year, Socialbakers performed a survey of social media analytics in 20 industries and across 82 countries and the results will astound you. 500 industry peers reported these results about Social Media. […]

Google Authorship

By Stewart Bernard The TOP GUN of Digital Marketing In order to decrease black hat SEO(fake SEO) Google created Authorship through Google+ formerly known as Google Authorship. Authorship tells Google who wrote and published original content on the internet.  Google recognizes the author as an expert in his field and rewards that expert by publishing […]

Google Fiber

By Stewart Bernard How would you like to experience internet speed 100 times faster than you are experiencing right now? Believe it or not this experience has been available in three US Cities for over a year now and it is called Google Fiber. Google Fiber is 100 times faster than basic broadband at a […]


After a three week absence from blogging due to my recent trip to India/Nepal, I am back on the blogging scene. If you would like to see movies/photos of my recent India/Nepal adventure, please visit these sites: Today’s topic will be the global future of social marketing. WSI of Windermere believes in the […]

WSI of Windermere Receives AIM Certification

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Local WSI Consultant Completes an Advanced Internet Marketing Certification WSI – World’s Largest Digital Marketing Franchise Awards Stewart Bernard with a WSI Advanced Internet Marketing (AIM) Certificate Windermere, FL, 06 January 2011 – WSI, the world’s leading digital marketing franchise, is proud to announce that one of its franchisee’s, Stewart Bernard, located […]

Trends in Global Media

The shift between traditional advertising and digital advertising has caused massive changes in recent years. Add the recession that has caused tremendous turmoil around the world and global markets have switched positions in dominance. Starcom Media Vest produced a Global Media Intelligence report describing this paradigm shift. The report covers 6 major worldwide regions and […]

Phone Books Are Going Extinct

State regulators have begun allowing telecommunication companies the right to discontinue mass printing of residential phone books. Phone books have become nothing but dust collectors, fireplace starters, kitchen counter fixtures and fodder for junk drawers. In the past month alone, Pennsylvania, Florida and New York have approved Verizon’s request to discontinue distribution of residential white […]


Two out of 5 mobile phone users use geolocation services. Regardless of privacy worries, mobile phone owners are sharing their locations with others with services like Four Square. The rewards of the services seem to outweigh the risk of geolocation targeting on their phones. According to Webroot(security software company) 39% of social network users use […]

Leveraging Internet Marketing Strategies In Your Company

The Internet has forever secured its place as a leading marketing tool in today’s ever-evolving business world. Companies have realized that traditional promotional methodologies such as verbal references, word of mouth and other more subjective advertorial techniques simply don’t reap the return on investment that they once did. Businesses looking to set themselves apart from […]

B2b's tap Social to Boost Search

For some companies, Social media marketing is a must.  Social media marketing efforts have proven to boost search efforts according to B2b magazine Almost half of US B2B marketers said their social media efforts had a positive effect on their search performance.  Only 1% reported  negative results with the remainder split between neutral and do […]

Adults Are Texting More, But Teenagers Still Dominate!

Teenagers text at a phenomenal rate of 50 per day but 72% of adults are now in on the action.  In September 2009 only 65% of adults sent and received text messages.  By May of 2010, that rate rose to 72%. There are variations in the numbers by ethnicity and race.  Black and Hispanic texters […]

7 Trends in Mobile Usage

The penetration of mobile markets is at approximately 80% presently.  The advancement of technology and increasing sophistication of smartphones is keeping mobile marketers on their toes.  Smartphone users are paying a lot of attention to the quality and content of the messages being delivered. Feature phones are losing ground to sophisticated smartphones and tablet pcs. […]