7 Trends in Mobile Usage

The penetration of mobile markets is at approximately 80% presently.  The advancement of technology and increasing sophistication of smartphones is keeping mobile marketers on their toes.  Smartphone users are paying a lot of attention to the quality and content of the messages being delivered.

Feature phones are losing ground to sophisticated smartphones and tablet pcs.  Increased engagement on mobile devices is the new trend.  This enhances the opportunities for marketers to reach a vast majority of mobile users.

The prediction is that by the end of the 3rd quarter of 2011, half of all mobile users will be using smartphones vs traditional feature phones.  Voice is becoming less relevant and carriers and marketers alike are now focusing on data.  The popularity of text messaging vs voice calls among the younger generation is evidence of that fact.

Social networking on mobile devices is increasing rapidly.  It is becoming the primary method of exchanging information on mobile devices.  This opens the door for advertisers to support that increase in content consumption through either advertising or user fees.

The trend seems to be that mobile networking is the new future.

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