Adults Are Texting More, But Teenagers Still Dominate!

Teenagers text at a phenomenal rate of 50 per day but 72% of adults are now in on the action.  In September 2009 only 65% of adults sent and received text messages.  By May of 2010, that rate rose to 72%.

There are variations in the numbers by ethnicity and race.  Black and Hispanic texters send and receive more messages than their white counterparts.  There was no gender differences in the number of texts sent each day.

An interesting statistic was illustrated by people who made few voice calls.  They also tended to make fewer texts.  They were not replacing voice calls with texts.  Those who sent few texts tended to make fewer calls and vice versa.

Because most Americans have feature phones vs smartphones, this could be good news for businesses and marketers.  The increase in texting by adults should open the door for increased marketing efforts by businesses.

Marketers must ensure that messages are concise, relevant and desired!

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