B2b's tap Social to Boost Search

For some companies, Social media marketing is a must.  Social media marketing efforts have proven to boost search efforts according to B2b magazine

Almost half of US B2B marketers said their social media efforts had a positive effect on their search performance.  Only 1% reported  negative results with the remainder split between neutral and do not know.

Search rankings result from the volume of high quality inbound links to a website. Probably, the second most important factor in search engine optimization, other than content is links.  Social media optimization is a technique used to get more links. Businesses must create content interesting enough to get their followers to converse on Facebook and Twitter, thereby driving inbound links to their websites from the social media sites.  Almost half of businesses surveyed said this was meaningful.

Nearly half of businesses reported rising rankings for their social media profiles. Approximately one quarter of those businesses actually monitored social media channels in order to select keywords for their search campaigns.  This suggests that businesses may be ignoring opportunities that reveal how customers are conversing about their goods and services.

B2B businesses stated that their 2nd goal in social media marketing was to increase traffic to their website through the natural synergy of social media.

The third goal is to generate leads through Social media channels.

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