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Conversion Architecture

As conversion architecture experts, we understand that it can be all too easy for business owners to settle for rudimentary changes that generate average results and please only the average customer. Many of us are guilty of this kind of complacency, not realizing that by catering to the “average” site visitor, we are probably ignoring the greater majority of our prospects who demand personalized attention. Businesses that seek to integrate their overall marketing strategies aligning them with the goals of a majority of their website users can achieve great results.

Whether or not you use Internet marketing tools, your site can be your primary marketing vehicle. But what value will a site bring to your business if people are visiting your site and not completing the desired action (i.e.: making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, etc.)?

Steer your website leads down the right sales funnel

Keep in mind, that your audience is profiled primarily on their needs / pains / problems broken down into demographics, psychographics and where they are in the buying cycle (which decides their behaviour on your site). Your goal then is to ensure that every element of your website persuades visitors on your site to take the actions that lead to the delivery of your objectives (conversion). Continue to pour your site visitors through your website funnel! Monitor and measure your results to ensure that your efforts are driving results to your bottom line. Remember that every click on your site is a step towards conversion. Visitor satisfaction with every click on your site should build confidence until they reach the final click where they convert into a customer.

Conversion Architecture starts by defining your business goals and target audience, and then ensuring that every element of your site persuades visitors to take the desired actions. These elements include: persuasive copy, calls‑to‑action and conversion tools like live chat or click‑to‑call technology. The guiding philosophy of Conversion Architecture is that all websites must have a persuasive purpose. Building your site with Conversion Architecture™ in mind will result in more visitors doing what you want them to online – whether that is signing up for a free consultation or buying a new product.

The 40/40/20 Rule

Conversion Architecture follows the 40/40/20 Rule – 40% Audience Targeting, 40% Offer and 20% Creativity. These figures come from the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) in its outlining of parameters that determine the success of a marketing campaign. Whether or not you use diverse Internet marketing methods like pay-per-click advertising, landing pages, viral marketing campaigns, etc., you can always think of your website as your primary marketing vehicle.

Build it using the 40/40/20 Rule where:

(a) every element of the website keeps in mind the majority of users and their varied profiles;
(b) there exist multiple acquisition channels making a variety of offers and
(c) aesthetic design and creativity offers unique and personalized experiences for site visitors.

Let us show you how our conversion architecture services in Orlando can change the way you do business.

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