Two out of 5 mobile phone users use geolocation services.

Regardless of privacy worries, mobile phone owners are sharing their locations with others with services like Four Square. The rewards of the services seem to outweigh the risk of geolocation targeting on their phones.

According to Webroot(security software company) 39% of social network users use geolocation services on their mobile devices.

There seems to be widespread concern over privacy/security issues with this act(such as phone hacking and safety issues).

Women are exhibiting more concern than men and younger users less concern than older users.

Concerns such as allowing potential burglars or criminals to know where you are, loss of personal privacy, using an unsecured wireless network and allowing stalkers to track your whereabouts is becoming a serious issue.

Despite these concerns, smartphone users are still utilizing geolocation services. The most popular reason is, allowing friends to track their whereabouts.

19.2% of the people polled said they check with friends daily and 15% reported checking in at locations at least daily.

In adults, age 18 to 29, men are twice as likely as women to engage in these practices.

The most popular applications are Google latitude which is used by 3 out of 10 participants.

Flickr(photo geotagging) and Google Buzz were used by about 2 out of 10 participants.

Twitter geolocates tweets but was only popular with 15% of participants while half as many use Foursquare.

Smartphone users who like social activities seem confident with geolocation despite the inherent risks.

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