By Stewart Bernard

How would you like to experience internet speed 100 times faster than you are experiencing right now?

Believe it or not this experience has been available in three US Cities for over a year now and it is called Google Fiber.

Google Fiber is 100 times faster than basic broadband at a speed of 1 GB per second.

It is presently available in Kansas City, MO, Austin, TX and Provo, UT.

You get 150 HD channels and 1 GB of internet speed for 120.00 per month(not including taxes and fees).

1GB of internet speed only is 70.00 per month not including taxes and fees.

Google Fiber also offers free internet at the current day’s basic speed for free with a 300.00 construction fee.

This is a phenomenal rate for 1 GB of speed.

Absolutely no one else has come close to that kind of speed.

We have Brighthouse cable here and the max residential speed is 90mb per seconds which is 10 times slower than Google Fiber.

Can you even imagine the load times for photos, videos and websites at 1gb per second.  Downloading videos will happen in seconds vs minutes.

Do you think cable companies are shaking on their feet as the giant Google moves forward with more cities in their sights.

Yesterday, Google announced that they are adding 34 more cities to the mix and that is great news for consumers as the cable companies have monopolized the internet and cable tv sectors for years.

Google plans to move into:  Atlanta, GA,  Charlotte, NC,  Nashville, TN,  Salt Lake City, UT, San Antonio, TX,  Phoenix, AZ,  Portland, OR,  Raleigh, NC and San Jose, CA.

Disregarding a giant mover and shaker like Google will be a fatal mistake for cable companies.  Google has a history of dominating in whatever industry they invade.  The Android phone and operating system is a typical example.  The Android dominates smartphone systems worldwide.

I personally cannot wait until Google Fiber is available in the Orlando, FL area.

Streaming videos will be a delight as opposed to worrying about whether or not you have enough bandwidth to even watch the video.  No more spinning cursors due to bandwidth issues.

Storing files online will be a pleasure as opposed to the present chore it is now in the length of time it takes to upload documents and the limits on file sizes.

Jerky video streaming and broken words during chats will be virtually eliminated.

Google has accomplished this task by spending billions of dollars on a fiber optic vs coaxial cable framework in addition to completing a fiber ready checklist and detailed studies of the cities it has chosen.

The days of slow internet speed, poorly loading websites, slow uploads and faulty video streaming are almost behind us.

Stewart Bernard Productions is a strong proponent of the advancement of technology and of achieving the best performing digital world we can.

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