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By Stewart Bernard

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Like the Nelson Mandela blog post I wrote a few months back, today’s blog post will be a little different from the norm.  Rather than discuss a Digital Marketing topic, I feel I am even more qualified to discuss the recent accident of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

As a little background information, I started flying airplanes in 1974, received a Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Management from Northeast Louisiana University in 1976 and a Commercial/Instrument pilot’s license and 300 hours of flight time in 1975.

I was a Marine Corps pilot(Naval Aviator) for 12 years and I flew multiengine jets for United Airlines for 17 years. In addition, I was a United Airlines Airbus 320 Captain for United Airlines for 6 years.

I flew the Boeing 777(same aircraft as Malaysia Airlines Flight 370) for four years(1995 – 1999).

As there is much speculation and sensationalism by the news industry, rumor mills, social sites and various countries(including our own), we need to keep in perspective that anyone can play Monday morning quarterback.

Facing reality and the truth is often not so simple.

There are many possible scenarios that could have determined the fate of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 to include:

  1. Severe cockpit fire incapacitating the flight deck crew members and destroying the electrical buses of both the primary and backup transponders rendering secondary radar identification and/or black box transmissions virtually inoperable
  2. Massive explosion that disintegrated the aircraft due to hazardous cargo or other illegal substances
  3. Disenchanted, possibly unstable cockpit crew with an axe to grind
  4. Violent acts of corrupt government entities
  5. Act of terrorism by hijackers or passengers on board and last but not at all least
  6. Destruction of the aircraft and it’s contents by foreign military powers

Although we tend to take the easy way out and blame this entire catastrophe on an unstable, disenchanted flight crew member with a flight simulator in his home, any of those 6 scenarios previously mentioned could have resulted in the demise of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

An even worse ultimatum is that we may never know the truth behind the entire incident.

What we have to keep in mind is that the world can be a dangerous place for any and all of us and it is up to each and every one of us to individually do our best to make our world safer.

In aviation briefings, I always stress flying on US carriers whenever possible.

Not only will the food possibly be to your liking but you have a better chance of flying with a stable flight crew, enhanced security against hijackers/terrorism, superior flight training, no language barrier and more sophisticated equipment and technology.

One year ago, I flew to South Africa and paid an extra 170.00 for my wife and I to fly on Delta Airlines vs South African Airways for all of those reasons in addition to a better winter climate(Atlanta vs New York).

Vigilance is of the utmost priority when flying, specifically overseas.  Any suspicious behavior or objects should be reported to authorities.

Stewart Bernard Productions, your Orlando, FL based Digital Marketing Company is a leader in the high tech digital industry with an added bonus of 40 years of aviation experience.

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