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If you still do not believe that mobile is the place to be after watching the video above, you should go back into your cave.

Mobile has not only taken over our lives from a personal standpoint, it is now dominating on the business scene.

In 2013, the mobile ad market skyrocketed by 105%, primarily driven by Google andFacebook.

This market totaled 17.96 billion in ad revenues.  The 2014 prediction from eMarketer is 31.45 billion in mobile ad revenues.  That is a 75.25% increase over 2013 numbers.

Our every day lives are dominated by mobile devices whether it be for business or pleasure.

Basically, we cannot survive in this century without our mobile devices, whether it be cellphone/and/or tablet.

I personally, just purchased a Lacie Fuel and a San Disk Wireless flash drive because I needed the extra storage space.  with phones becoming cameras and video viewing devices, more capacity is in high demand.

Both my iPad and Iphone have run out of storage space and the demand for more data in addition to larger screen sizes on mobile devices is increasing at a rampant pace.

With the Lacie Fuel, I can now stream up to 1TB of data to my Iphone and/or iPad which presently includes:

200 videos

6000 songs

19,000 photos.

This freed up 6 gb of space for more mobile apps on my Iphone and 30 gb of space on my iPad.

The Lacie Fuel runs for 10 hours on it’s own internal battery and does not need a wifi network.

It creates it’s own network and up to 5 different devices can share that network allowing 5 people to view my photos and videos and listen to my music on their own device.

It can also stream that same data to any airplay device like TV’s, speakers, etc.

The Lacie also has a search function allowing me to filter through 19,000 photos, 6000 songs and 200 videos just by typing a keyword, very similar to a Google search.

No cables or internet is necessary.

I purchased the Sandisk wireless flash drive to hang onto my keychain which I have with me everywhere I go.  I cannot always carry the Lacie Fuel with me because of it’s size and weight.

The Sandisk does everything the Lacie does except it is smaller.  It only has a capacity of 64gb vs 1TB, and battery life is 4 hours vs 10 hours.

In essence the Sandisk has added an additional 64gb to both my Iphone and iPad.  It also produces it’s own network, connects to 8 devices vs 5 and needs no cables or internet connection.

Because of my increased demand for more storage space, I had 2 options:

Purchase the aforementioned accessories thereby adding tremendous storage space to all of my mobile devices


Purchase an Iphone and iPad with higher capacity at a higher price and still not have tremendous storage space.

Now I never have to purchase the more expensive, higher capacity phone or tablet because I have all the storage I need in these accessories, even when I upgrade to a new phone and/or tablet.

This is only a small example of how the demand for mobile devices, storage space and portability has accelerated at a rampant pace.

Stewart Bernard Productions, your local Orlando, FL based Mobile Marketing company is a strong proponent of the rise in mobile growth.

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