Mobile Internet is the norm for College Students

Another indication that the Mobile market is growing rapidly is indicative in the behavior of college students. While most teens and children still use feature phones, college students predominantly use tablets, smartphones and mobile game consoles.

62.7% of U.S. undergraduates surveyed by the EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research had an internet capable mobile device. 45.9% had a desktop PC and 83.8% had a laptop.

Internet capable mobile devices grew more than 11% between 2009 and 2010. This study was conducted before the release of the very popular IPAD.

Mobile devices play a large role in the lives of undergraduates. In 2009, almost half the respondents stated that they use the devices at least weekly and less than a third reported daily use. In 2010, two thirds of the respondents stated that they use the devices at least weekly and 42.6% reported daily use.

Global trends indicate that as prices drop, more growth in mobile devices can be anticipated as the cost benefits become more relevant.

These devices can be a great platform for advertisers to reach college students as hostility towards ads on mobile devices tapers off.

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