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Mobile Marketing: The Future In Instant Connectivity With Clients

The inception of the smartphone has revolutionized how end users utilize mobile devices in their daily lives. No longer can cellphones simply receive and screen calls. Instead, consumers demand that their mobile devices connect them digitally and, more importantly, instantly to the world at large through texts, emails and web browsing. The universal acceptance of this type of high level connectivity has given rise to the evolution of a powerful new promotional tool: Mobile Marketing.

By definition, mobile marketing quite simply encompasses an advertorial strategy that allows businesses to connect with a targeted demographic of clientele through a network or mobile device channel. But how does a business narrow down a virtually endless and potentially overwhelming sea of strategies and opportunity to yield positive results? At SJB, we offer cutting edge, proven mobile marketing solutions. As the premiere mobile marketing company in Orlando, we can partner with your business to create a customized mobile marketing plan guaranteed to return measurable successes.


At SJB, our reputation as a top notch mobile marketing company in Orlando means that we can offer clients a global reach to both existing and potential clientele. No matter what industry your business is in, our seasoned staff of consultants can help you not only significantly broaden your professional network, but also take out the confusion and guesswork of this particular marketing genre. Our promotional plans primarily utilize two significant tools:

  • SMS: Also known as Short Message Service, this method involves short codes that are comprised of 5 or 6 digits. Quickly transmitted through texts or emails, an SMS can reach an endless number of people within a specific demographic instantly.
  • MMS: Multimedia Messaging Service, or MMS, generates a more complex message for consumers. MMS ringtones, ads, pictures, texts and even videos can hold up to 160 characters total and add a deeper, richer layer to the overall marketing message.

At SJB, we take both MMS and SMS scenarios and mold them into a customized, unique campaign specific to each client. Contact us today to find out how we can help bring your company's mobile marketing presence to an entirely new level and stand apart from the competition!

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