Phone Books Are Going Extinct

State regulators have begun allowing telecommunication companies the right to discontinue mass printing of residential phone books. Phone books have become nothing but dust collectors, fireplace starters, kitchen counter fixtures and fodder for junk drawers.

In the past month alone, Pennsylvania, Florida and New York have approved Verizon’s request to discontinue distribution of residential white pages. Virginia is pending approval of the same regulations.

Last week in Orlando, FL, AT&T delivered business phone books without the accompanying residential volumes.

Most consumers use the internet to find phone numbers. Like radio, television, newspapers, magazines and the Post Office, phone books are slowly watching their market share taken over by the internet.

In addition to the lack of interest, elimination of the mass production of phone books reduces the environmental impact by using less paper and ink, less factory pollution and increases the profits for phone companies by discontinuing a service that is rarely being utilized.

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