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Has anyone ever lied about you or your business on the internet?

Has anyone ever attacked you or your business on the internet?


An internet attack, slander, libel or falsehood can be devastating to both you the person and/or your business.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where sensationalism rules and news directories, gossip sites and the like carry a strong presence with search engines.

More than 20 years ago, as a 15 year former Marine Corps Pilot and Officer, I was fortunate enough to train under a very wise squadron commander who had the following saying:

The implication can be more devastating than

the act itself!

(true or not)

Ironically, that saying applies even more today than it did 20 years ago because we did not have the internet 20 years ago.

When a false implication was made 20 years ago, a small local community knew about it.

When a false implication is made today, the world knows about it, almost instantly!

The main reason sensationalism works on the internet is because news websites and directories have millions of links and popularity causing them to propel to the first page of search engine results.

The key to avoiding these situations is to have your own popularity/content on the internet, (business and/or personal) so that when your name or business is searched, only you dominate the first three pages of search results(SERP).

Example: When you type “stewart bernard productions” in a search engine query box, stewart bernard productions dominates the first 10 pages of Google’s search results with high quality content leaving no room for falsehoods or sensationalism to gain the top position.

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7. How Do We Do it?

We create an eclectic group of assets that rank for the keywords we target, including but not limited to:

  • Linking to custom tailored websites that search engines view as authoritative.
  • Submitting Media partner reviews via the Associated Press.
  • Link to high page rank blog/article sites with compelling information created for your brand.
  • Submit high content Press releases.
  • Organic link building through highly relevant Page Rank 6+ websites.
  • Institute Social bookmarking (a method for Internet users to organize, store, manage and search for bookmarks of resources online).
  • Develop engaging, SEO optimized original content.

The Process:


Establish Reputation: Promote a positive and accurate image online.

Protect Reputation: Find, monitor and control your reputation online.

Repair Reputation: Suppress negative information (bad reputation, negative info from reviews, lawsuits, bad press, etc.)


  • CREATE Image Markers: 300-400 word profiles created by a team of professional writers and editors. Once approved by you, profiles are published to strategically selected websites and boost your visibility online.
  • CREATE Properties: Professional, search-optimized profiles created on highly visible, non-proprietary sites such as Twitter or LinkedIn.
  • CREATE Direct Sites: One-page website and personalized URL, e.g. ‘’ Direct Sites are often the strongest web properties we maintain.
  • PROMOTE Link Reinforcement: A powerful visibility optimization technique designed to promote networks of similar content, such as a set of Image Makers and Properties.
  • PROMOTE Outside Property Promotion: The ability to increase the visibility of pre-existing client-related content such as a company website or news article
  • PROMOTE Profile Optimizer: Increase the power of pre-existing client profiles by replacing generic URLs with specific names or keywords, e.g. ‘’
  • UNDERSTAND Report Access: You get direct access to web reports, tools, and all content we create.
  • UNDERSTAND Sentiment Analysis: View current and historical web rankings for you or your business, including positive/negative sentiment and trend reporting.
  • UNDERSTAND Progress Reports: Access monthly progress reports starting after new content is published, showing the improvements in your reputation.

Micro Sites

Think of these as Reputation Management oriented smaller sites, each one related to a specific keyword or subject of your main site. The Reputation Management strategy here is to complement search results with these keyword associated micro-sites.

Social Media

If your company does not have a social media presence yet, Linkedin and Facebook profiles supported with a solid Reputation Management strategy can rank well for your company name.

If you do have a social media presence, reputation management will enhance that presence and further increase your ranking on the pages of the major search engines.

Videos and other media

Our Reputation Management strategies focus not only on web-site, but also on popular media results like images and video. Media Reputation Management on important video websites can lead to impressive first page Reputation Management results

Business profile linking

In Reputation Management it is not the number of links, but the quality of the sites where your links are. Obtaining links to your pages in relevant linking sites is a must for Reputation Management


Reputation Management supported Blogs rank well in search engines. A proper managed blog with relevant and fresh content provides a key channel to your Reputation Management voice

Press Releases

Press Releases and content refreshing articles can provide important links for Reputation Management in the first result pages

Reputation repair is our specialty and Stewart Bernard Productions is here to help you.