After a three week absence from blogging due to my recent trip to India/Nepal, I am back on the blogging scene.

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Today’s topic will be the global future of social marketing.

WSI of Windermere believes in the power of Social media from a marketing standpoint. If you would like to test the power of Social Media’s impact on your website, just simply type the name of your business in any search engine search box. If your company and only your company does not dominate the first page of the major search engines, then you need Social Marketing to get your brand name to dominate the first page of a search engine. You do not want potential customers searching for your company and finding your competitor.

Emarketer forecasts that worldwide social network ad spending will hit 4.3 billion this year. Half of that amount is spending in the U.S. Emarketer predicts that the dominance of the U.S. in social ad spending will deteriorate and the international social network ad spending will increase significantly.


Social networks are actually more popular in markets other than the U.S.

Nielsen statistics look like this:

Social network/blogging % of activity: Brazil – 86% Italy – 78% U.S. – 74%

Social Network users in China reached 245 million in 2009. This is up over 34% from 2008 statistics.

China’s Tencent QQ network has 587 million accounts as of March 2010 with 500 million internet users in China.

Facebook is growing rapidly outside the U.S. Facebook was the #1 website based on market share visits in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Canada and Singapore in June 2010.

WSI of Windermere is here to service your social media needs and help your business grow with the ever expanding internet.

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