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Video Optimization

Stewart Bernard Productions is your video optimization specialist.

Why Video?

  • Consumers prefer video over text
  • People stay on your website longer while watching videos
  • Video is more memorable than text
  • By providing a visual hook, video lowers bounce rates

Stewart Bernard Productions is an economical, state of the art video production center specializing in:

  • High quality video creation and development
  • Dynamic Powerpoint and Keynote presentations
  • Video elevator speeches
  • Video email signatures

Are you ready to ROCK your BUSINESS?

View samples of our video production work here:


Web video production services – and the rest of the world

SJB Video Productions has crews internationally in over 100 cities. We specialize in creating professional short content for promoting companies in order to grow their business. Our award winning crews will develop your films from inception to completion. We prepare the script and shoot/edit your productions for top quality video branding. We create web files and distribute them on popular video sites on the World Wide Web. We can also provide streaming video players for your site.

Having videos on your sites will prove to be an invaluable marketing tool. Not only will videos make the site more innovative and engaging, but Wharton School of Research shows people are three times more likely to respond to your site with videos. Reading about the products is great but people only remember 10% of what they read. However, they recall more than 50% of what they see and hear. Videos will help enhance the sites search engine optimization characteristics making it easier for people to find your website.

Videos have multiple usages. Besides being placed on your website, you can use them in:

  • Email links to companies
  • As DVDs in your sales packets
  • At conferences
  • On other popular online video sites (including You Tube, Vimeo and others).

We can provide you with web files and DVDs for both online and off line presentations.

The player we provide is optimizable – using key words, titles and tags for optimum search results. The player also streams your video online. This will further enhance your SEO and online presence. We distribute the videos on a multitude of online video networks for a comprehensive video solution. This is what sets WSI Corp Shorts apart from other video production companies. The players are customizable. When you place them on other sites (social media as an example) they link back to your site!

Various Style Video Samples





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